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Lily Li is a privacy lawyer based in southern California. She founded Metaverse Law in 2018, after recognizing the growing market need for legal services focused exclusively on data privacy and protection. *Licensed to practice in California and before the Federal Circuit. Continue Reading Lily Li Cybersecurity Lawyer in California

Lily Li Cybersecurity Lawyer in California

Founder, Cybersecurity Lawyer *Licensed in California and the Federal Circuit.

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Amira is a data privacy and cybersecurity lawyer based in San Diego. She assists companies with GDPR, HIPAA, and incident response. *Licensed to practice in Germany and California. Continue Reading AMIRA BUCKLIN


Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyer *Licensed in Germany and California.

Dale Rappaneau is an associate attorney with Metaverse Law. He is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and holds the CIPP/US and CIPM designations. *Licensed to practice in California. Continue Reading DALE RAPPANEAU


Associate Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorney *Licensed in California.

Jorge Fuentes is a Certificated Paralegal with Metaverse Law. Continue Reading JORGE FUENTES